The Shire of Coill Mhor

Per Fess argent and Or, in fess three spruce trees proper, and in chief, a laurel wreath proper.





Seneschal: Master Garet Doiron
AKA David Sharpe
Tel: 778 855-0204
Exchequer: Lady Inga Knutsdottir
AKA Sam bell
250 644-5206

Master of Stables: Lord Charles le Brun
Contact Seneschal
Archery: Irwyn of Hartwich
Aka Jim Hartwick
Tel:778 485 5551

Arts and Sciences : Viscount Sir Sethric Einersson
James Clancy

Dance Mistress
HL Rhiannon ap Gwynedd McBeighn
778 485-2099

Chatelaine : Helena de Beauchamp
Aka Michelle Starland
Tel:250 267-5188


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Chronicler :
Rapier Marschal :
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